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  • It’s Easier Than You Think

    Choral Director Magazine | September 28, 2010For those who have never done it, the idea of applying for and writing a grant can be daunting and intimidating all of that paperwork, writing, and valuable time spent. How does one convince an organization that their program is a worthy investment of time and money? Should the grant writer take a cerebral approach […] Read More...
  • Traveling with your Choral Program

    Choral Director Magazine | April 10, 2007Taking a choral group on the road can be a wonderfully enriching experience. Travel can promote bonding, foster trust, expand horizons, and give students a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, while simultaneously providing motivation for high musical achievement and unique educational opportunities. On the other hand, touring can also be an organizational nightmare – successful trips require immense […] Read More...
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