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music groups

  • The Virtual Choir

    Choral Director Magazine | December 2, 2010Music is an inherently social vehicle. Whether sharing a song behind closed doors with the other members of an ensemble or presenting it onstage to an audience, those who make music are communicating with everyone within earshot, transmitting emotions and ideas, both verbal and non-verbal, concrete and abstract. Interestingly, many of the methods by which […] Read More...
  • 2007, Aug/Sept

    Choral Director Magazine | September 6, 2007Performances in ViennaVienna is often on top of the performance wish list of amateur music groups and choirs from all over the world. Additionally, the city offers innumerable avenues for visitors to explore and enjoy the history, culture, and artistry of music. “Voices of the World, ” a series of open-air recitals held from April […] Read More...
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