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  • Standard Choral Repertoire Part V: Post-Romantic

    Choral Director Magazine | September 16, 2008It is always interesting to see what new compositions will be released each year. In our eagerness to see the new releases, it can often easy to forget the old stand-bys. This is the fifth and final installment in a series of columns highlighting standard repertoire for the choral classroom. In this issue, I discuss […] Read More...
  • Five Minutes of Enrichment

    Choral Director Magazine | March 11, 2008Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the students in our schools were exposed to five minutes of classical music every day? We’ve all seen the clinical studies touting the benefits of listening to and performing music, and now the New Bedford (Mass.) Symphony Orchestra has set up an interesting program called Music in the Mornings, which […] Read More...
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