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choral repertoire

  • Standard Choral Repertoire Part IV: Romantic

    Choral Director Magazine | July 11, 2008This is the fourth installment in a limited series of columns highlighting standard choral repertoire. It is easy to get enamored by the music of today’s composers to the point where the classics that inspired them are forgotten. True music education must have as one facet a historical perspective. Students who only sing music in […] Read More...
  • Standard Choral Repertoire Part I: Renaissance

    Choral Director Magazine | November 15, 2007There is a set of repertoire that is considered “standard.” But choral educators are all too often left to learn these works on their own, with little guidance other than their own acquired taste. Though some undergraduate programs do require or offer a course on choral repertoire appropriate for the school setting, most address it […] Read More...
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