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  • Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Voice

    Choral Director Magazine | February 5, 2008It is easy to understand why singers are more prone to voice difficulties than others: the demands placed on their vocal cords are much greater. Like the athlete who must maintain good physical condition in order to perform well, singers must also take great care to protect their “instrument” from harm. Below are some simple […] Read More...
  • The Opera Stereotype

    Choral Director Magazine | November 15, 2007We’ve all seen the stereotypical opera singer portrayed in cartoons, comic strips, and skits as a man or woman in Wagnerian costume with Viking-style horns protruding from their metallic headgear. And always, of course, they are people of very generous proportions. The stereotype may endure, but it appears this image may be changing in our […] Read More...
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