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  • A Big Payday

    Choral Director Magazine | February 5, 2008In recent years, skyrocketing executive compensation at large, publicly traded corporations has become a major issue in the news and a serious point of contention among shareholders. Companies showing minimal growth, or even downsizing, have seen their top executives’ pay increasing by multiples never before seen. Evidently, this trend is now spilling over into the […] Read More...
  • ACDA Convention Miami Heat

    Choral Director Magazine | May 7, 2007The 2007 ACDA National Convention, held in Miami from March 7 – 10, saw choral musicians and educators from across the country gather to share ideas, learn from one another, and celebrate the culture of vocal music. Attendees enjoyed a program that included performances by eminent choirs and clinics led by distinguished scholars and industry […] Read More...
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