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New Music Ed Standards & Assessment Site

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MakeMusic, Inc., creators of SmartMusic learning and assessment software, has announced the launch of the Music Education Standards and Assessment website (online at

Music educators and administrators are increasingly aware of the rising expectations surrounding the measurement and documentation of student achievement. However, the design, funding and goals of arts assessment methodology vary widely at the state, the district and sometimes even the school level. The new website assembles this highly sought-after information, from all fifty states, in one place for the first time. As a result, music educators now have unprecedented access to vital information and best practices from across the country.

The website includes information on music standards, teacher evaluation policies and contacts for each state department of education and music educator association organizations. Visitors are given the opportunity to collaborate in a variety of ways, including providing updates and participating in state-level discussion forums. In addition to providing a platform for music educators, content from this site will also be used to support the National Symposium on Music Assessment, part of the National Association for Music Education’s Music Education Week in Baltimore, June 24-25 (details at

View the Music Education Standards and Assessment website at

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