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Fort Collins, Co. Choral Students Fights Major Cuts to School Music Program

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Parents, students and community members are fighting what they describe as devastating cuts proposed for Fort Collins High School’s music programs, which administrators say will be necessary due to an expected decrease in enrollment.

Under the proposal, the school would lose one part-time choir teacher, all jazz and barbershop choirs, all chamber music programs, potential travel opportunities for performance groups and opportunities for students to get extra help next school year. Fewer staff members would mean choir sizes could be reduced, making it “impossible” for every student who wants to sing to do so, an announcement about the cuts said.

Those upset by the cuts have joined under the auspices of the Facebook page “Save FCHS Music.” Created this weekend, it has garnered over 2,700 followers who say they have called and written school administrators, begging them to reconsider and advocating for the place of music in education.

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