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ArtistWorks Launches Online Vocal School

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ArtistWorks, an interactive online music education provider, has launched a new interactive vocal school from vocal coach Jeannie Deva, offering one-on-one singing lessons online using ArtistWorks Video Exchange Accelerated Learning Platform. This is the 23rd online music school from ArtistWorks.

This new online offerings include a comprehensive library of Ms. Deva’s entire vocal method, which has been combined into a cohesive series of streaming video lessons. Students get unlimited access the singing lessons and can work through them online at their own pace. Through the ArtistWorks model, whenever students have questions or desire feedback on their singing, they can submit videos for teacher review. The instructor then records a video response detailing the student’s strengths and providing additional exercises to correct weak points. These video interactions are paired together with the lessons and made available for all students to see and learn from, creating an evolving vocal lesson library.

Ms. Deva’s vocal method is designed to help singers of all levels understand and strengthen their vocal mechanics, resulting in effortless control and development of their natural voice regardless of the style they sing.

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