10 Rules for Overcoming Stage Fright

March 15, 2019

Many years ago, when I was a junior in high school, our concert band director who was my private clarinet teacher, told me at a lesson that I had pretty much nailed Carl Maria von Weber’s Concertino for Clarinet. He said that he had the concert band score to the piece and would like me […]

College Music Internships

February 26, 2019

An internship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a college education. 

Making the Dash Count

December 19, 2018

“Your life is just two dates separated by a dash…Make that dash count.”

So How Do I Learn More?

May 1, 2017

By John DeFerraro Over the course of this issue of Choral Director, we have laid the foundation for how you can approach the contemporary a cappella world, from specific rehearsal tips, to arranging advice, and exemplary recordings that are inspirational! However, the next step you should take is to connect yourself to the a cappella […]

The ESSA and What It Means for Music and Arts Education

March 20, 2017

A look at Every Student Succeeds Act and what it means for the arts in our schools.

How a Week at Music Camp Can Lead to a Lifetime

February 15, 2016

You never know where the road might lead. Or where the journey begins.

Joint Rehearsals

August 27, 2014

A collaboration where everyone wins.

The Cool Factor

May 15, 2014

April/May Opening Notes from the Editor…

Contemporary A Cappella

January 16, 2014

A Great Addition to Your Program

Empowering And Equipping Student Leaders

November 25, 2013

A look at the difficult task of empowering student leaders in the music classroom.

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