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Compression: What It Is and How to Use It By Bobby Owsinski

March 19, 2021

While you might be aware of what it is in a general sense, you might not be aware of just how widely it’s used and why. 

A Guide To Computer Audio Interfaces

February 12, 2021

Whether you want to up your online audio presentation quality or increase your recording capabilities, this guide will help you choose from the confusing maze of choices.

The Magic High-Pass Filter

November 30, 2020

A closer look at one of the most understated and overlooked controls in all of audio.

Prepare Your Students for Your Online Class

October 21, 2020

It’s all well and good that you’re expertly prepared for your online session, but what about your students?

Get A Big Teleconference Voice With Just A Tiny Mic Tweak

August 19, 2020

Has anyone ever said, “Wow, you sound great!” after your first words?

So You Want To Buy A USB Microphone

May 27, 2020

Some very good USB microphones in a wide range of prices to choose from.

Should You Buy the Cheapest Microphone?

March 18, 2020

Does an expensive vintage mic really sound $9,950 better than that cheap clone?

A Guide To Microphone Types

February 17, 2020

There are three types of microphones, each with a different design philosophy and each with a different sound, which can sometimes make one type work better than another in certain applications.

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