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Care for the Chords

September 7, 2016

This new column places a spotlight on vocal hygiene which will include rationale, best practices, and tips for keeping your students’ instruments healthy.

Choral Director Survival Strategies

Don’t Let the Job Kill You.

Green Lantern would make the best singer…

You are not Superman, Iron Man, or Batman…

Gavin Tabone and Barton Hills Choir

Barton Hills Choir performs with Roger Waters, at SXSW and Austin City Limits festivals, collaborates with professional musicians, releases CDs and has an awesome YouTube channel. Is this the Coolest Elementary Show Choir Ever?

Choral Director Goes to Washington

NAMM delegates thank Congress for the passage of ESSA and reinforce importance of law and its inclusion of music education for all children

How to Use Advocacy Stats to Your Best Advantage

With the passage of ESSA – There is not a better time to be providing this article.

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