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Survey: Mentorship

September 20, 2011

Based on this recent reader survey on the topic, it seems that mentorship among vocal music educators is alive and well, with some 94 percent of responding choral directors indicating that they currently mentor other educators, while almost two thirds have a mentor themselves.

Grant Writing: Shaking the Money Tree

Grant writing is not hard, just a little time consuming. Whether you’re an instrumental or choral instructor, grants are out there for your use. My suggestion for everyone is: “Go for it.” The worst they can do to you is say no. However, if you don’t even try, you will never know if there is a “Yes” out there.

Report: Finding Fundraising Success

When it comes time to think about fundraising, it’s crucial to consider which campaigns might work best in a particular community and when and for how long to run fundraisers, while bearing in mind the ever-important what-not-to-do check list.

Roundtable: Making A Cappella Work with University Vocal Programs

For anyone who’s wandered the halls of college student unions, it’s no secret that a cappella groups have long been an obsession among vocally-minded academics. But there’s no doubt that over the last few years, the art of singing in as many styles and contexts as possible has grown to new levels of prominence thanks to television contest shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Sing-Off” and dramas like “Glee.”

Iris Stevenson Gets a Helping Hand

For decades, director Iris Stevenson has led her sprawling choral group from Crenshaw Senior High School in South Central Los Angeles just about anywhere she could manage. The strategy has paid off – giving generations of kids trips they’d never dreamed of and the inspiration to make take steps forward in all aspects of their life.

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