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Using Smart Phones for Music Education

September 28, 2010

Have you ever had a teaching moment where you were lucky enough to have just the right tool to create magic? With the increasing array of musical apps for smart phones, that tool just might be already sitting in your pocket. Smart phone technology is making magic with a plethora of music applications or “apps.” […]

State of the Choral Nation: Assessment and Survival Tips

In spite of some of the obvious benefits of a life in vocal music education such as the sense of fulfillment after a day spent sharing the joys and complexities of music with eager students the going isn’t always easy for school choral directors. With that in mind, it can be invaluable, on occasion, to […]

It’s Easier Than You Think

For those who have never done it, the idea of applying for and writing a grant can be daunting and intimidating all of that paperwork, writing, and valuable time spent. How does one convince an organization that their program is a worthy investment of time and money? Should the grant writer take a cerebral approach […]

New Releases: General Concert Selections

While past columns have largely focused on tried-and-true selections, this is the second of five articles featuring releases from 2009 and 2010. Each column will highlight a variety of voicings and difficulties, but will have a unified theme. The last issue featured new releases for holiday concerts, while this one focuses on general concert works […]

SuBo and Sanctuaries

You probably already know who SuBo is. In case you don’t, that nickname refers to Susan Boyle, the 49-year-old Scottish singer who lived in relative obscurity until last year, when she auditioned for and won the opportunity to perform live on the British reality TV show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” Initially mocked for her “plain” appearance […]

September 2010

One-Minute Theory One-Minute Sight Singing from Kjos One-Minute Theory for the Choral Classroom by Ronald Slabbinck and Holly Shaw-Slabbinck teaches the essentials of music theory without cutting into valuable rehearsal time. The curriculum, structured as a collection of one-minute lessons, is designed to target issues of music literacy specific to the choral classroom. The series […]

September 2010

“Too Hot To Handel” to Bring NYC Kids to Carnegie Hall This fall, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) teams up with conductor Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to bring a choral creative learning project to hundreds of New York City high school students. As choir students from six New York City high […]

The Other Side of Glee

I finally have a choir class at the middle school that feeds my high school; this is the first time I have had a feeder program. On the first day of class last year at the middle school, the kids asked me if I watch “Glee.” I told them I didn’t, because I am not […]

Ryan Beeken Finds His Muse Inspiration in Music

For some, finding one’s niche in life can be a life-long quest. For others, finding a passion that inspires one to be ambitious, determined, and humble all at the same time can be almost instantaneous, as if predetermined. The latter applies to Ryan Beeken, choral director at Waukee High School, in Waukee, Iowa. When Beeken […]

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