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Creating Their Own Legacy: Milwaukee High School of the Arts Choral Program

September 16, 2008

Since 1991, Raymond Roberts has been at the helm of the highly successful choral program at the Milwaukee (Wis.) High School of the Arts. His choirs have performed at numerous state and regional music conferences, as well as with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Roberts has received recognition from the Wisconsin Choral Director’s Association as an […]

Tools of the Trade

Time to get ready for the new school year, which means planning your programs, selecting your music, getting your lesson plans arranged, reviewing your student roster and vocal range and… planning your advocacy activities! What, you didn’t think about that last one? I thought so! No time to focus on advocacy? Well if you do […]

Annual Check Up

From mounting pressures brought on by national education reforms to a tightening economy and the ensuing shrinking school budgets, there’s a lot for music educators to think about when it comes to surviving in our nation’s schools. Yet, any reader of this publication would argue that the survival of choral curriculums is imperative to a […]

Standard Choral Repertoire Part V: Post-Romantic

It is always interesting to see what new compositions will be released each year. In our eagerness to see the new releases, it can often easy to forget the old stand-bys. This is the fifth and final installment in a series of columns highlighting standard repertoire for the choral classroom. In this issue, I discuss […]

Schools of the Arts

Schools of the arts occupy a unique position among publicly funded educational institutions in the United States. The first of these types of schools to put the arts in the front and center of the curriculum was the LaGuardia Arts School in New York City, which was originally founded in 1936 as the High School […]

The Choral Commission: A Model for Enrichment and Integration in the Middle School Choral Curriculum

Over the past 10 or 15 years, there has been an increasingly strong movement toward accountability for student learning through remediation, enrichment, testing, and the collection of alternative forms of data. Although the push to raise student achievement has been primarily in the areas of math, science, reading comprehension, and writing, progress has been made […]

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