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Stars Across the Choral Universe

September 6, 2007

In 2007, Cherry Hill (N.J.) High School West broke new ground by becoming the first school to field back-to-back winners at the International A Capella High School Championships. However, the triumphant 11-voice male ensemble, Men of Note, is far from the only group happening at this hotbed for choral achievement: the larger mixed choir, West […]

Sounding Board

Maintaining a healthy vocal music program in the face of challenges such as shrinking budgets and scheduling pressure brought on by standardized testing is no small achievement. With long-term career “survival” in mind, this latest CD survey seeks to provide a sounding board for our readers to vent frustrations and share what gets them through […]

BriLee’s Brian Busch: Man With a Mission

From time to time, I turn over the helm of this forum to a colleague. It is hoped that the reader will benefit from a variety of viewpoints. In this case I am doing so for an additional reason: to highlight the important and influential work of Brian Busch, founder and president of BriLee Music. […]

Virtual Insanity?

Imagine sitting in a concert hall with a conductor standing in front of a bank of laptop computers, speakers, and video cameras with no visible performers, except their images on the laptops#133; Now, according to the Web site,, a computer scientist from the University of Manchester in the U.K., Dr. Barry Cheetham, has developed […]

2007, Aug/Sept

Performances in ViennaVienna is often on top of the performance wish list of amateur music groups and choirs from all over the world. Additionally, the city offers innumerable avenues for visitors to explore and enjoy the history, culture, and artistry of music. “Voices of the World, ” a series of open-air recitals held from April […]

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