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The Actually Affordable (and Convenient)

October 21, 2019

A look at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort and Surfside Inn and Suites.

Lyrical Blackface?

Is there such a thing as “lyrical blackface”? Do you ever encounter it on your podium? What happens when you do?

(Other) Career Options for Choral Directors

If you feel that there’s nothing quite as rewarding as shaping the sounds that humans (of different ages) make while raising their voices in joy, you’re going to make a great choral director. But, can you make a living at it outside of teaching? Answer: Yes, but like lots of creative careers, you’ll have to […]

Shine Like a Diamond and Mind the Gap!

The “4 C’s” that define valuable diamonds can also apply to choral singing!

Classroom Essentials for the Choral Director

Your classroom setup can make or break your year – having these essentials in your room can help make sure this year is your best one yet.

The Boar’s Head Carol

For about 25 years, I spent nearly every holiday season consumed by the preparations and execution of a big school performance. I have directed so many of these, with students of all grade levels, K-12. In fact, for much of my adult life, I spent most of each fall listening to, arranging, teaching, and rehearsing […]

Rodgers and Hart at 100: WIth a Song in Their Hearts

Rodgers and Hart’s musicals have become a permanent part of the Great American Songbook. This article celebrates the 100th anniversary of their partnership that lasted 24 years until Hart’s death in 1943.

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