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Barbershop Goes to School: The Quinton Township School Music/Choral Program

November 22, 2019

In Quinton, New Jersey, groups of four or more students from a pre-K to eighth grade township school are wowing audiences, as well as some of these older, more seasoned barbershop groups.

Magic to Do: Fifty Years of Stephen Schwartz Musicals

This article pays tribute to Schwartz’s career focusing on his music and offering learning scenarios to use with your students.

The ASCAP Foundation/Universal Theatrical Group Musical Theatre Workshop

Where are tomorrow’s shows and composers coming from?

Herring’s Head

“Herring’s Head“ is a cumulative folksong that I have taught and sung with students of all ages at many schools over the course of my teaching career. It features humorous lyrics that deliver a conservation message about whole animal or “nose to tail” eating (mindful consumption). “Herring’s Head’s” call-and-response structure, extroverted attitude, and whimsy made it a popular and […]

Choral Crowd-Pleaser: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Choral directors know that if they want to engage their audiences in fun and feel-good songfests, they only need to program compositions that electrify audiences. 

7 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Performance

Here are some ways to make your performance even more memorable.

Major Scale Mashup

This one-page layout presents many of the various combinations of names and usage in a way that invites engagement and excitement as this otherwise dry information is absorbed.

Everybody’s Doing It… and the Concert is Tomorrow!

The day before a concert, my singers are suddenly VERY CONCERNED. THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW!

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