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Altruism and the Successful Choirs of Central Islip High School

November 18, 2008

In September of 2000, John Anthony began his first job as a choral director at Central Islip (N.Y.) Senior High School. It was John’s own experience in his high school choir that inspired him to continue with his musical aspirations and become a choral director. As a student at Calhoun High School in Merrick N.Y., […]

Testing and Gas Prices and Wall Street…Oh My!

Eight years ago, I wrote an article called “The Perfect Storm” about the impact of the collapse in the stock market and the pending implementation of NCLB. Five years ago, I revisited this article with the second installment, entitled “The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm,” where I further delved into the […]

Surfing Web-Based Music Software

While technology is significantly impacting much of today’s education scene, it doesn’t seem to have an equal presence in music classes. Only a third of music educators are using technology with students. And even among this progressive one-third, few are reaching out beyond the classroom. Many of us still embrace the values of music education […]

Filling in the Ranks

Getting students into the classroom is the first challenge for any teacher, and keeping them there year after year developing consistency, and building on the previous years is the crucial next step to creating a successful, high-level program. These two facets of an educator’s job often slide under the radar of the choral director’s university […]

Cross-Cultural Music from Many Lands

From time to time, this column has highlighted music from a variety of cultures. In past issues, I have focused on music of Ireland, Japan, and Latin America. Inside the United States, music from the African-American diaspora and arrangements of American hymnody have been featured. In this issue, I have decided to adopt a broader […]

2008, November

SKB Case for Microphones and Small ElectronicsSKB is now shipping the 3I-0907-6BDD, the latest model in SKB’s line of Injection Molded Watertight Cases. The 3I-0907-6BDD offers a new interior configuration with a double layer of adjustable padded dividers, making it the perfect solution for handling microphones and smaller electronics in a secure watertight environment. The […]

2008, November

NAMM and Disney Announce Sequel Grant ProgramThe NAMM Foundation and Disney Channel have announced that they will again team up to allow middle and high schools across the United States the opportunity to apply for a grant to put on their own school stage production of Disney’s High School Musical or High School Musical 2. […]

Circles of Mentorship: Surround Yourself with Excellence

Surround yourself with excellence” is not a new or trendy phrase, but it should be recalled when considering mentoring. Teachers need to surround themselves with excellent mentors and not just one, but many different advisors who offer different types of experiences, backgrounds, and, most importantly, years of tenure. In his dissertation, Phenomenological Investigations of the […]

Do You YouTube?, which is a relatively recent phenomenon, has an astonishing variety of offerings, with instructional videos ranging from how to vote to motorcycle maintenance to a view of the Orion constellation and everything in-between. It contains the sublime and the ridiculous. However, this site also offers an extraordinary source of musical knowledge that may provide […]

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