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Show Choir: Enhancing Singing through Movement

November 15, 2007

photo #169; Often a controversial topic among choral purists, show choir has been steadily gaining popularity across the country as a viable outlet for musical and artistic creativity. Charlene Dalrymple of Oliver Ames (N. Easton, Mass.) High School caught the bug at an early age and is now in her third decade of promoting […]

Making Practice Perfect

Though most would agree that practice makes perfect, making practice perfect is a challenge in its own right. The variables of ensemble type, size, age, maturity, and even location weigh heavily, but we can all concede that there are certain elements

Standard Choral Repertoire Part I: Renaissance

There is a set of repertoire that is considered “standard.” But choral educators are all too often left to learn these works on their own, with little guidance other than their own acquired taste. Though some undergraduate programs do require or offer a course on choral repertoire appropriate for the school setting, most address it […]

The Opera Stereotype

We’ve all seen the stereotypical opera singer portrayed in cartoons, comic strips, and skits as a man or woman in Wagnerian costume with Viking-style horns protruding from their metallic headgear. And always, of course, they are people of very generous proportions. The stereotype may endure, but it appears this image may be changing in our […]

2007, October/November

Luciano Pavarotti, 1935-2007Luciano Pavarotti, the superstar tenor who is often credited with reviving the popularity of classical opera in the latter half of the 20th century, died in his hometown of Modena, Italy on September 7th, 2007, after losing a bout with pancreatic cancer. Perhaps most well known for his work alongside Placido Domingo and […]

Trust#149; But Verify!

After three years of work, we finally finished our major project conducting an arts education census of every public school for the state of New Jersey. It was a long, complicated process involving two agencies of state government, dozens of organizations, hundreds of people and thousands of schools. The results create the most comprehensive look […]

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