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Music is Power

May 20, 2010

Music is unique among art forms in its capacity to empower people. It can transcend language and socio-cultural backgrounds, age and education, even mental and physical disabilities. It elicits emotion, whether from infants or the most educated among us, delving beneath thoughts and conscious feelings, to move us. Music, in one form or another, is […]

May, 2010

Musicmaide Stand Clip Holder Musicmaide Stand Clips are designed to help to keep sheet music in place. The transparent clip attaches onto the shelf of any music stand to secure sheet music and books, while still allowing for the pages to be turned. The Musicmaide Playlist Holder is a device that attaches to the shelf […]

May, 2010

The Complete Choral Musician Workshop The Offstage Group will be host to music educators, musicians and, students at the 2010 Complete Choral Musician Workshop on June 27 30 in New York City. Emmy-nominated conductor and vocal educator, Judith Clurman, will lead the three-day intensive program. She will be joined by conductors, composers, scholars, choreographers, and […]

Creating a “Special Education Music Lab” for only $500

Throughout my teaching career, I typically have had two or three special education children mainstreamed into my Chorus I classes. I have had the privilege of working with children who have Down’s syndrome, mental retardation, and other profoundly physically and mentally handicapped boys and girls who have participated alongside the rest of the students in […]

2010 Director’s Resource Guide

The 2010 CD Director’s Resource Guide provides instant access to the services and products choral directors need and use. The following organizations, companies, and institutions include award manufacturers, music camp organizations, music education software developers, tour and travel consultants, trade organizations, uniform designers and distributors, and much more. With listings conveniently arranged alphabetically by category, […]

2010 Best Tools for Schools

May 19, 2010

As presented by SBO The 2010 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California offered music educators a unique opportunity to participate in the music industry convention featuring hundreds of instrument, accessory, and software manufacturers, publishers, dealers, and artists. For the first time, School Band Orchestra, CD’s sister magazine, invited educators to walk the NAMM exhibit halls in […]

Audio Tools for Music Educators: Noise Cleaning Audio Enhancements

We are all familiar with those dramatic “before and after” weight loss ads. Now just as dramatic results are available to everyday music educators with audio archives and performances we want to share via Internet blogs, podcasts, Web postings, CDs, and DVDs. While the recording industry has traditionally dealt with audio restoration, music educators have […]

Passing the Summer Singing

From symposiums to conventions and workshops to summer camps, opportunities for musical enrichment abound in the summer time.

Travel: Where There’s a Will#149;

Traveling with a performance group is often one of the most memorable and exciting aspects of a school music program, for students and directors alike. The opportunity to set a goal far in advance, and then put in the hours of preparation to actually achieve that goal serves to bring a group together like little […]

Music About Music

It seems that composers, publishers, and conductors alike are drawn to music about music. Many composers past and contemporary have written music setting texts about music. Each year, several new works that fall into this category are released. This issue, I offer for your consideration a few ideas of choral works with texts about music. […]

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