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Tackling Teacher Turnover

May 20, 2008

With the present economic difficulties facing the United States, including higher oil prices, the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, high costs for the war in Iraq, and a weakening dollar, there is a sense of d

2008, May

Vienna Celebrates HaydnVienna is amongst the top performance destinations for amateur music groups and choirs from all over the world. Nowhere else have so many famous musicians and composers lived and worked. Johann Strauss, the “Waltz King”, and Franz Schubert, the “Prince of Lieder”, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, Brahms, Schoenberg and Mahler were all inspired […]

What Music Really Means

A long time and very good friend of mine, Tracy Leenman, sent me a note with this incredible and true story. It was so compelling that I realized my own thoughts for this month would be better saved for another day, so that I could share her inspirational anecdote with you. This is a story […]

2008 Director’s Resource Guide

The 2008 Director’s Resource Guide is a reference tool designed specifically for choral directors like you. The following organizations, companies, and institutions provide the services and products which vocal music educators need and use, including award manufacturers, music camp and festival organizations, fundraising product providers, music publishers, music education software developers, tour and travel specialists, […]

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