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Why Having a Trusted Travel Partner is More Important Than Ever!

March 19, 2021

As the end of the school year is within sight and vaccine distribution continues to improve, teachers and students alike are hopeful that next school year will see a return to some sense of normalcy.

Five Ways to Revitalize Your Pandemic-Weary Choir

Let’s be real. The world is (finally) starting to come back. Vaccinations are becoming more widely available and by the summer, we may have given shots to the arms of most age-appropriate Americans. And we are so grateful…not a moment too soon, right? This Pandemic has been rough on creative/musical folks in that it feels […]

Tips for Livestreaming Your Next Performance

Livestreaming is the solution to enabling a wider audience for your performances.

RealTime Audio Box Pro Tested, and It Works!

The Future of Remote Ensemble Performance is Here!

Hot Cross Buns

One a Penny, Two a Penny…

A Little Bit of Soul

As an arranger I love to combine elements of both cultures in various different ways.

Compression: What It Is and How to Use It By Bobby Owsinski

While you might be aware of what it is in a general sense, you might not be aware of just how widely it’s used and why. 

New Products – March 2021

New products for choral educators – March 2021.

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