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Give My Regards to Spongebob – Taking Your Group to Broadway!

March 16, 2018

Your ensemble is making the trip to New York City, how do you decide what to see?

Three Reasons Why Choir Singers Should Learn an Instrument

The title of this article needs to be: “Three Reasons Why Choir Singers Should Learn an Instrument That Plays Chords, Like Piano or Guitar.”

Play Around with Ensemble Awareness

These things are practical and have proven to work!

Teaching Music with Solfège – Part 3

This is a simple but somewhat thorough description of the syllables for movable do solfège with la-based minor and how I applied them in my work as a teacher.

Travel Planning Budget Myth Busting—Part 3

In this final (for now, anyway) installment of this series, we’ll discuss some myths related to motorcoach travel and expectations at hotels when traveling with your ensemble.

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