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Singing Through the Summer

March 11, 2008

Music educators and students alike can benefit from a change of pace now and again. One place to accomplish such a feat to recharge the batteries, commune with kindred spirits, learn new tricks or styles is a summer music camp. Clinics, camps, and workshops exist in just about every conceivable shape and size, but many […]

A Choir Takes Flight

In the spring of 2000, Kathleen Kane, the choir director at Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte, Mich., hosted a German high school choir touring the US. Though her students and their German guests worked together in the classroom for just a few days, Mrs. Kane struck up a friendship with maestro Bernd Spitzbarth. That brief […]

A Tribute: Mark Williams

President Clinton once said, “You gotta sound bad before you can sound good” to a class of beginning instrumental students in Milwaukee. Mark Williams undoubtedly would have disagreed. Mark Williams, one of Alfred Publishing’s most successful composers and arrangers, a self proclaimed “band geek” at heart who had a passion for empowering teachers to give […]

Standard Choral Repertoire Part III: Classical

This is the third installment in a limited series of columns regarding standard choral repertoire. In the flurry of new releases, many of us tend to get caught up in “the latest thing.” After receiving mailings from publishers, attending reading sessions, and talking over new repertoire with colleagues, it is easy to lose sight of […]

Five Minutes of Enrichment

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the students in our schools were exposed to five minutes of classical music every day? We’ve all seen the clinical studies touting the benefits of listening to and performing music, and now the New Bedford (Mass.) Symphony Orchestra has set up an interesting program called Music in the Mornings, which […]

Musical Literacy and Rote Learning: Balancing Thinking and Feeling

The concepts of teaching music either through notation or through direct rote instruction carry all kinds of baggage unrelated to the final musical experience. Musical literacy is seen as more advanced, more sophisticated, more powerful, more serious, “higher class.” Certainly literacy opens doors which would remain closed without that tool. But if not seen as […]

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