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The Up-and-Coming Choirs of Bonner Springs

July 14, 2008

This May, Brian J. White completed his fifth year as the choral director of Bonner Springs (Kan.) High School and his fourth as the school’s music department chair. Under Brian’s watch, the choirs have grown immensely, swelling from the 85 kids he had when he arrived fresh out of university to the over 250 students […]

Rhythmic Independence: The Missing Link in Sight-Reading Literacy

Understanding the complexities of simple and compound rhythms found in sight-reading is a huge undertaking for middle and high school ensembles, and one which is often overlooked. Without the ability to read and accurately perform rhythms, printed music is mysterious gibberish however sharp the ear or agile the technology. Rhythm is the key that opens […]

Singing in Style

July 11, 2008

Before the first note is uttered in a choral performance, impressions have already been made. The arrangement of the singers, their physical appearance, posture, and facial expressions all of these elements communicate volumes about the character of the ensemble. And perhaps the most striking feature that the audience will key in on is the clothing […]

Standard Choral Repertoire Part IV: Romantic

This is the fourth installment in a limited series of columns highlighting standard choral repertoire. It is easy to get enamored by the music of today’s composers to the point where the classics that inspired them are forgotten. True music education must have as one facet a historical perspective. Students who only sing music in […]

Music and Health

Numerous books, articles, and studies have been published in recent years about the positive correlation between musical performance and improved scores on standardized tests and other intelligence assessments. Children who learn to perform music also have a variety of other positive social and behavioral benefits. Recently, best-selling author and physician, Oliver Sacks has published a […]

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