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Bringing Passion to Work

July 6, 2007

The choral department at Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, Ohio has garnered awards and accolades to rival any program in the country. But one recognition that longtime director David Bell received this past May was truly remarkable. Every spring, Winton Woods holds an awards ceremony to honor the top 16 scholars in the graduating […]

Christmas in July

Here are a few holiday favorites (and some you may not know). Believe it or not, it is already time to plan your next holiday concert. Here are some ideas for chorals for worship and/or school use. Happy Holidays!– Drew Collins, forum editor SATB

Learning Through Music

Every music educator’s dream would be a school that put music at the center of the curriculum and coordinated the rest of the coursework with the music department. Perhaps in Math class the concept of fractions would be taught in the form of time signatures, History would provide a context for learning about the great […]

2007, June/July

U.S. Senate Resolution Supports Music Education The U.S. Senate unanimously passed House Concurrent Resolution 121 on May 15th, 2007. The Resolution states that music education grounded in rigorous instruction is an important component of a well-rounded academic curriculum and should be available to every student in every school. According to NAMM, the trade association fo […]

So You’re Going on the Road!

Tours with American high school bands, choirs, and orchestras are about as American as apple pie. However, before jumping onto that bus or plane, you want to make sure you know what you are doing. Getting StartedThe first step is to figure out exactly where you want to go and what you hope to accomplish. […]

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