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January 13, 2017

When someone says “tools of the trade,” what would they mean for us choir folk?

Leadership Lessons from Wrigley Field

We’ve all been thinking about leadership a lot lately.

Struggling to Sing

“I’m struggling with my voice. I have had a problem singing for over seven years and I have been to a doctor so many times, it’s not doing anything for me …”

Huddle and Scrum

We’ll be mixing up voices in this scrum – instead of a ball, we’ll use pitches and vowels. That’s where the adventure starts.

The Count

The Count is a concentration exercise – a group activity – that I used with my student ensembles in the last few minutes before going on stage for a performance.

2016 in Review

Ten choral directors from around the country share their thoughts and experiences from 2016 and what’s ahead for 2017.

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