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Finding the Right Fit

January 19, 2011

Just as school music programs come in all shapes in sizes, so too do the extracurricular offerings for students looking to spend their summers singing. Although there may be tremendous variety in summer camps and workshops for vocal music students, each with a great number of obvious benefits, this recent CD reader survey indicates that […]

New Releases: American Heritage

This month, I highlight recent choral arrangements of various “American” genres. Our musical heritage is a broad one, and includes many genres. These include, but are not limited to, Bluegrass, Native American, Shaker hymns, African American spirituals, Sea Island spirituals, Gospel, Jazz, Broadway, Stephen Foster, William Billings, early psalmody, Civil War songs, and more. The […]

Vocal Pedagogy in the Choral Rehearsal: Becoming a Vocal Technician

The goal: to develop healthy singers with healthy vocal technique. The problem: how to do this in the choral rehearsal, without losing those precious minutes of time needed for learning music. Creating a unified, healthy-sounding choir is something that all choral directors strive to accomplish, but all conductors’ training isn’t the same. Sometimes there are […]

The Power of Public Performance

The power of music is not exclusive to the concert hall or dedicated music lover. At approximately 8:00am on March 23, 2009, Antwerp, Belgium’s bustling Central Station was overrun by what might be described as a “flash mob.” For those who are unfamiliar, a flash mob is defined by Wikipedia as “a group of people […]

January 2011

Yamaha’s Pocketrak Portable Recorder Yamaha’s new Pocketrak portable recorders can slip into a shirt pocket. The Pocketrak C 24 and W24 are hi-fi, lightweight, small-profile recorders. The C24 is smaller than the W24, which features two stereo microphones, a wireless remote control, and other features for pro recording on the fly. Both models come with […]

January 2011

Music Careers Salary Study Berklee College’s Career Development Center has created a comprehensive resource for the music industry titled Salary Ranges for U.S. Music Positions in Performance, Writing, Business, Audio Technology, Education, and Music Therapy. The study covers a broad range of specific careers, including orchestral, Broadway, and studio musician; choir director; jingle, TV, and […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Ensemble’s Sound…and Improve Your Festival Rating Along the Way

For many years, at the conclusion of the spring festival season, I have thought that I should write an article about the performances that I have heard. The impetus for this is the fact that while many groups bring outstanding performances to adjudicated music festivals, others frequently receive lower ratings for reasons that are often […]

Choral Directors of Note

While some try to quantify or predict the success of an educational program by analyzing funding, class size, demographics and other statistics, the simple fact is that great classes, great departments, and great schools do not happen without great teachers. Through attributes like determination and passion, educators have the final authority to foster among students […]

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