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2010, January

January 20, 2010

Los Angles Master Chorale High School Choir FestivalFounded by the Master Chorale Associates in 1989, the 21st Annual High School Choir Festival will be held on April 16, 2010 and will bring together more than 25 schools and 900 students for a day of singing under the baton of music director Grant Gershon. This year, […]

Fifth Annual Choral Directors of Note

As we close out another year and one in which many school music programs faced far-reaching budget cuts due to a troubled economy we of course want to tip our hats to those educators who battled it out in the trenches. And with the economy apparently improving, the year seems to have ended on a […]

Nevada: Finding Creative Solutions for New Problems

School music programs in Nevada are facing unique and unprecedented challenges. With a state economy that is driven almost entirely by sales tax, and a work force that is largely dependent on the service industry (primarily gaming and tourism), national economic woes have had a terribly destructive impact on school budgets across the state. Fortunately, […]

Juggling the Many Hats of a Music Educator

In 2003, the NCTAF (National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future) reported that the nation’s widely publicized and often-lamented teacher shortages are, in fact, symptoms resulting from a teacher retention crisis in the United States. Beginning teachers had an attrition rate of over 46 percent for their first five years. And American schools lose about […]

Filling up the Cup

This latest Choral Director reader survey tackles the issue of fundraising, often a thorny subject among educators. Whether you agree that extracurricular events like festivals and performance tours should be funded by the district or not, for most directors who hope to provide such opportunities for their students, fundraising is simply a way of life, […]

Newer Music for Advanced Choirs

We all know that sorting through the stacks of new choral music released each year can be a daunting and time-consuming task. While I often feature “tried-and-true” works in this column with a handful of standout pieces that fit a particular issue’s topic, for this issue I decided to focus entirely on recent releases. My […]

Looking Forward

As we usher in the new year and the start of a new decade, threats to our national security and economic stability stream across the headlines with alarming regularity. Yet, in the face of such uncertainty, music continues to yield a singular and unique power to bring people together and lift our spirits. In tribute […]

2010, January

Lorenz Publishing Choral Works“He Keeps Me Singing” SATB with optional orchestra is just one of the many new sacred anthems published by Lorenz Publishing. Mary McDonald pairs the timeless hymns “Sweetest Name” and “My Redeemer.” This classic also features orchestration by Mike Lawrence. “Three Songs of Emily Dickinson for Women’s Choir” by George L. Mabry […]

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