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Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Voice

February 5, 2008

It is easy to understand why singers are more prone to voice difficulties than others: the demands placed on their vocal cords are much greater. Like the athlete who must maintain good physical condition in order to perform well, singers must also take great care to protect their “instrument” from harm. Below are some simple […]

What Does Music Education Have to Do with the…Success of Apple?

Well, I am glad you asked! For those of you who have been using any of Apple’s Macintosh computers (now called “Mac”s”) for any period of time will recall there was a time when Apple was the only computer that could really handle music well. Graphic designers found the same thing. Heck, most music notation […]

Standard Choral Repertoire Part II: Baroque

This is the second part in a limited series of columns regarding repertoire that is considered “standard.” I have chosen to focus on these works rather than newer releases because so many new teachers seem not to have been introduced to these works prior to assuming a choral education position. Most of us are left […]

Third Annual Choral Directors of Note

“Choral Directors of Note” are vocal music educators whose achievements in the classroom and concert halls merit additional recognition. In this third annual report, CD has selected 13 deserving choral directors from around the country, a group of teachers mirroring the great wealth of diversity found in the choral world of today. From 40-year veterans […]

A Big Payday

In recent years, skyrocketing executive compensation at large, publicly traded corporations has become a major issue in the news and a serious point of contention among shareholders. Companies showing minimal growth, or even downsizing, have seen their top executives’ pay increasing by multiples never before seen. Evidently, this trend is now spilling over into the […]

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