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On the Level with Tim Sharp

December 2, 2010

Over 20,000 members strong, the American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA) is the premier non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of choral singing in the U.S.A. With national, regional, and state chapters that represent the backbone of the American vocal music world, chances are most readers of this publication are already familiar with the […]

The Ingredients for a Great Festival Experience

From local events in high school auditoriums to national and international gatherings in venerated concert halls, vocal music festivals come in all manner of shapes and sizes. While there are some universal elements that students can enjoy, such as the camaraderie of their singing peers, the experience of hearing other groups perform, and the chance […]

Importing Files into Assessment Software

I recently received an e-mail from Dan Franke, the principal of a private school in Audrey, Texas. Mr. Franke was requesting information on how to find software with which he could import music notation and audio files into an application for comprehensive assessments of his son’s daily practice. He explains, “My young son, 11, is […]

If You Build It…

For many music programs, both vocal and instrumental, the primary indication of their effectiveness and impact is the quantity of participating students. Without a doubt, large numbers indicate a popular, thriving program, but the challenges associated with both establishing large numbers and maintaining them are manifold. For an inside look at the latest trends in […]

New Releases: Folk Songs from around the World

This is the third of five issues featuring new releases. This month, I highlight arrangements of folk songs from around the world. Many of these selections lend themselves to units of study in the classroom or in collaboration with other disciplines, and address the National Standard, “Understanding music in relation to history and culture.” Countries […]

The Virtual Choir

Music is an inherently social vehicle. Whether sharing a song behind closed doors with the other members of an ensemble or presenting it onstage to an audience, those who make music are communicating with everyone within earshot, transmitting emotions and ideas, both verbal and non-verbal, concrete and abstract. Interestingly, many of the methods by which […]

November 2010

Manilow Hits “The Talk,” Donates $500K to Vegas Music Ed Programs Las Vegas crooner and tireless music education advocate Barry Manilow recently appeared on the CBS show “The Talk” to chat about music education, among other topics. The episode showed footage of Manilow’s recent visit to Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the […]

Good Fight

As music educators know, teaching music and conducting a choir involves a great deal more than just showing up with an arm full of sheet music. It goes beyond long working hours, effective pedagogy, and classroom management. In the bigger picture, music educators must also maintain the frontlines of another unceasing battle: advocacy. Even though […]

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