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Not Just Playing Along – Tools for the Accompanist

September 5, 2017

Some thoughts on the adventure found in supporting and interacting with vocalists.

Practice vs. Practish

“There’s a big difference in the way people practice. Some people practice and some people practish.”

Universal Orlando Resort’s Awesome Expanded Workshops!

Universal Orlando Youth Programs have expanded the music/film offerings for its STARS Performance Program workshop.

Learn Their Names First

By Walter Bitner I urge every teacher who works with groups of children to do this. At the beginning of the school year, or whenever you are beginning to work with a group of students you do not know for the first time – or perhaps a group that is a new constellation, some of […]

Contemporary A Cappella Arranging in Ten Steps

May 1, 2017

By Deke Sharon Contemporary a cappella has been around for over two decades, resulting in a dynamic and rhythmic sound that differentiates it from barbershop, doo wop, close harmony, and other a cappella styles. Here’s how I create great contemporary a cappella arrangements using a tried and true ten-step formula! 1) Choose a Song Avoid […]

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