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Ten Tips for Conductors!

September 5, 2018

A list of top ten tips for choral directors – An excerpt from Bumblebee! Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs by Michael Griffin.

Eight Ways to be a More Awesome Choir Member

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More Than You Can Chew and Even Harder to Swallow

By Tom Merrill It was one of those moments where stubbornness and inexperience collided head on. It was my first job, five months out of college, and reality was setting in. I had impatient dreams of soaring to the top of the band world pyramid….and here I was in what felt like the most isolated […]

Reggae and the Map

by Fred Bogert The combined voices of a choir can really bring folks together, performers and audiences alike. And over the years the deep, shimmering tonalities of choral singing have been a mainstay of the arts for communities worldwide. Part of my recent adventures as composer and director has been to bring elements of other […]

Start Your Season with Greater Awareness!

Some concepts that can help both you and your singers come into the start of the season with greater awareness.

Solfege with Amadeus

A Nashville School of the Arts project to learn as many choruses as possible from the Mozart Requiem in four months and then perform them en masse at a spring concert.

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