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The Magic of Handheld Digital Recorders

August 17, 2010

In the world of handheld digital recorders, smaller is better and now it’s getting cheaper, too. This is great news for music educators who are looking to record their rehearsals, concerts, and lessons. Today’s handheld digital recorders can professionally record at a moment’s notice with instant, one-hand operation. There are even palm-size handheld digital recorders […]

“Glee” and the Real Music Classroom

Whether you like it or not, the recent boom in television shows and movies that focus on school music groups is undeniable. Shows like “Glee” and movies like High School Musical have been extraordinarily successful, and such programming shows no sign of abating in popularity. This recent trend begs some interesting questions: Do these shows […]

The Latest in Choral Fashion

Just as there are often dramatic differences between the presentations of a show choir, an a cappella group, and a concert choir, appropriate concert-wear for vocal groups likewise comes in many shapes and sizes. With an eye on staying hip to the latest designs and trends in choral fashion, Choral Director reached out to some […]

Holiday Selections

EASY TREBLE Carol of the Russian Children (arr. Donald Moore) pub. BriLee Here is a cross-cultural selection for beginning choirs. The text is in English, and is secular, though it hints at the traditional Christmas story, and so could be used in worship or parochial settings. Texturally, it is homophonic. The last chord splits to […]

The “Glee” Effect

Show choir is riding high these days. And it may be helped at least in some small part by the emergence of TV shows like “Glee,” which glamorize elements of the choral arts and assist in building enthusiasm for choir among segments of the student population that might not typically gravitate towards vocal ensembles. An […]

July 2010

Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music, by Craig M. Cortello of La Dolce Vita Enterprises, is a compilation of interviews with 32 CEOs and business leaders who played music as a child or adolescent and view that experience as […]

July 2010

Americans Join India Choral Tour Sixty-six Americans joined 119 other choristers from 20 countries on a 16-day choral tour of India. The Voices of Bahá tour featured sacred music, Ravi Shankar compositions blending western choral elements with classic Indian vocal melodies, and vocal music from five continents. Over the last 16 years, the Voices of […]

Jazz Singing Goes to Class: Inspiration from a Master Teacher

Setting the stage If you are teaching a jazz choir, you know that you will have to convey in-depth musical skills and information to a group of people with limited time constraints. If you are teaching jazz solo voice, you know that the teaching process will be different. Or is it? Historically, jazz singing has […]

Brendan Jennings John Burroughs High School: Lights, Camera, Show Choir!

As a result of the latest economic downturn, schools all over the country have felt the pinch. Budgets have been slashed, teachers laid off, and some have had to eliminate programs all together, particularly music programs and the arts. However, some music programs continue to thrive, despite the difficult environment nationwide. One of those is […]

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