Choral Music Makes it Big on the Little Screen


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Wondering about what kind of exposure vocal music is receiving during primetime these days? The answer is “an awful lot.” Between “Glee,” “Clash of the Choirs,” “American Idol,” “The Sing-Off,” and the upcoming “Makin’ the Choir,” it seems that vocal-music-oriented television programming has never been more popular.

While “American Idol” has been producing big ratings for almost a decade, mainstream television’s focus on choral music took off in 2007 with “Clash of the Choirs,” a reality miniseries produced by BBC America and airing on NBC. This prime-time music contest featured celebrity singers who recruited and auditioned choristers from their hometowns to form a 20-member ensemble and sing for $250K in prizes. Incidentally, the choral group led by Cincinnati’s Nick Lachey, of 98

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