New Products – February 2021


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ES920 and ES520 Digital Pianos from Kawai

Combining Kawai’s Responsive Hammer keyboard action and Harmonic Imaging sound technologies, the ES920 (pictured) and new mid-range ES520 reproduces the touch and tone of a concert grand piano, providing an authentic, rewarding playing experience for musicians of all abilities. In addition to other fine features, including brand-new lightweight body design, these portable instruments are suitable choices for home, stage, or classroom. The ES920 and mid-range ES520 feature a brand-new modern body design with a flat panel surface complemented by smooth, rounded edges. With their modern design, sturdy body, and lighter weight, the ES920 and ES520 are some of the most portable pianos in their respective classes making them excellent choices for the gigging or studio musician. In addition to their portability, when attached to their dedicated HM-5 designer stand and F-302 triple pedal bar, these instruments transform into stylish and compact piano replacements.

Yorkville’s SA102 Full Range Loudspeaker and SA115S Subwoofer

Yorkville’s two new additions to the Synergy Array Series are the SA102 active full range loudspeaker and the SA115S active subwoofer. Equipped with a 10” LF woofer and 1 HF Compression Driver, the SA102 delivers 1,200 Watts (Program) and 2,400 Watts (Peak). The cabinet can be turned 180 degrees from top to bottom to flip the coverage pattern. The Danley patented 15” tapped horn allows for the SA1153 to deliver an astonishing 6,400 Watts (Program) and 13,000 Watts (Peak) in a compact cabinet. The SA102 can sit secure on the sub or can be raised up by connecting a speaker pole to the SA115S built-in mounts.

Yamaha’s EZ-300 Keyboard

The EZ-300 personal electronic keyboard features 61 light-up keys, an expandable playlist of built-in popular songs, and the unique Keys to Success lesson mode. Thanks to the light-up keyboard, even someone who has never touched a musical instrument before can play along with a song within seconds of turning the EZ-300 on, just by following the lights. The keys are also touch-sensitive, meaning that playing them with more force makes the notes louder, just like on an acoustic piano. Users can expand its song library via simple drag-and-drop of MIDI song files directly via a USB connection.

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