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2007 Director’s Resource Guide

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The CD Director�s Resource Guide is a reference tool designed to guide our readership towards the organizations, companies, and institutions that provide the services and products which choral directors need and use � from music camps, festivals, and fundraising product providers to music publishers, software developers, tour groups, trade organizations and much more.

In this directory, you�ll find organizations arranged by the category into which each entry falls. Each listing includes the business names, contact information, and, in many cases, a brief description of the products or services offered.

Keep this issue of Choral Director on-hand all year long: it�s like a customized rolodex that can be tucked into a piano bench just as easily as a desk drawer.

Inquiries or questions regarding the Director’s Resource Guide may be forwarded to Melanie Prescott, or sent to: Directory Editor, Choral Director, 21 Highland Circle, Suite 1, Needham, MA 02494.

Table of Contents

Awards 10
Camps/Workshops 11
Colleges/Universities 11
Festivals/Events 15
Fixtures/Equipment 21
Fundraising 23
Microphones/Audio 26
Music Dealers 26
Organizations 27
Pianos 27
Publishing/Teaching Resources 28
Recording Services 33
Software 34
Travel 36
Uniforms/Apparel 43

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