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How Can I Be in a Choir if I Can’t Sight Sing?

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Descants for All!

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Carousel: 75 Years of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Masterpiece

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As I Went Over Tawny Marsh

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3 Quick Tips for Better Time Management

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Should You Buy the Cheapest Microphone?

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Should You Write That Letter of Recommendation?

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  • A Guide To Microphone Types

    There are three types of microphones, each with a different design philosophy and each with a different sound, which can sometimes make one type work better than another in certain applications.

  • Sing and Rejoice!

    History and Tradition at St. Olaf Choir.

  • Music and the 16 Habits of Mind: Persisting and More

    The 16 Habits of Mind can be used to enhance mastery of music concepts, techniques and skills.

  • Disney Songs in the Curriculum: The Bare Necessities

    Disney songs can be powerful in the music curriculum. They are rich resources that can enliven learning, contain powerful messages and lessons and help engage students in an important part of popular culture.

  • A Better Approach to a Bid Process

    The email arrived on a Monday. “Dear Travel Planner:” These never end well. They were requesting an itinerary and price quote for a five-day trip flying cross-country to New York City. Four months from now. A specific checklist that had very few actual activities, leaving a large amount of open time to fill…and a list […]

  • Three Unique Choirs Whose Praises We Sing

    Have you ever stopped to think about the many different types of choirs and choruses that exist? Here are three of my favorites…

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